Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bryan Monteagle And His Beloved Transformers In Kuching Sarawak

Well, I have decided to set up this separate blog to talk about one of my greatest passions: Transformers :)

My main focus will be on the latest Transformers (Trans-formers) movie and also my huge collection of Transformers toys, models, figures, etc. in Kuching, Sarawak, East Malaysia. I will also be talking about Transformers animes :)

Ok, in general, I like ALL Transformers. Among my collection of Transformers toys, figures, models, etc., I have both Autobots and Decepticons.

My favourite Autobot Transformers are:
  • Autobot Optimus Prime - that transforms into a huge Peterbilt truck and is the leader of the AUTOBOTS
  • Autobot Bumblebee - that transforms into a yellow Chevrolet Camaro year 1976 and then a Camaro Concept car year 2009
  • Autobot Ironhide - that transforms into a black modified GMC TopKick C6500 medium-duty pickup truck
  • Autobot Jazz - that transforms into a silver metallic modified Pontiac Solstice car
  • Autobot Ratchet - that transforms into a Search And Rescue Hummer H2 (sort of 911 ambulance)

My favourite Decepticon Transformers are:
  • Decepticon Megatron - that transforms into an outer space flying machine (alien jet)
  • Decepticon Starscream - that transforms into a Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor fighter plane
  • Decepticon Frenzy - that transforms into many small devices such as a boombox (radio set)
  • Decepticon Barricade - that transforms into a Saleen Mustang police car
  • Decepticon Devastator / Brawl - that transforms into an M1 Abrams army tank
  • Decepticon Bonecrusher - that transforms into an army Buffalo H Mine-Protected vehicle
  • Decepticon Blackout - that transforms into a MH-53J Pave Low III helicopter
  • Decepticon Scorponok - that is actually a scorpion cybertron

On top of the above "main" Autobot and Decepticon TRANSFORMERS, I also have in my collection these additional Autobots:

  • Autobot Arcee - that transforms into a motorbike and is a "female" Transformer
  • Autobot Wingblade - that transforms into a huge aircraft
  • Autobot Prowl - that transforms into a motorbike
  • Autobot Cliffjumper - that transforms into a red camaro (a "twin" of bumblebee)
  • Autobot Camshaft
  • Autobot Salvage
  • Autobot Grimlock
  • Autobot Rodimus
  • Autobot Big Daddy
  • Autobot Bulkhead
  • Autobot Leo Prime

And Decepticons:
  • Decepticon Jetstorm - that transforms into a plane
  • Decepticon Jolt
  • Decepticon Stockade
  • Decepticon Brawl - that transforms into an army tank
  • Decepticon Blackarachnia - that transforms into a spider and is a "female" Transformer
  • Decepticon Incinerator
  • Decepticon Divebomb
  • Decepticon Lockdown

I also have these very special Transformers:

  • First Aid - a Transformer that transforms into an ambulance of some sort
  • Landbullet - a Transformer that transforms into a futuristic armoured vehicle of some sort
  • TM-SP DX Convoy from the Beast of Wars - that transforms into a gorilla

Yep, all of em :)

Bryan Monteagle